Lake Erie, the Detroit River, and Lake St. Clair are my home waters. I spend more time here than anywhere else. The:

Detroit River

The best bite here starts from the end of March until June, but sometimes can continue into July. In the Fall, the fishing will pick up again as the walleye return to fatten up for winter. Depending on whether you want a wall hanger, or to catch a lot of fish, the Detroit River is the place to be, especially in the Spring. Jigging is the preferred method of fishing. A Canadian license is not required, but may be beneficial. However as your trip nears, I will advise you on the anticipated conditions, and what licenses you may need.

Lake Erie
Lake St. Clair
Saginaw Bay

As always, if you book a trip for one location, and I know there is a better or more consistant bite going on at a different location, I will notify you of that and give you the option to change the game plan. Also, if there are any questions regarding dates, location, techniques, etc. Please feel free to contact me at anytime.